Thursday 24 March 2016

Massive changes required in the administration of eSports

Maryke Kennard - captain of the 2015 Protea eSports Team that attended 7th IeSF World Championships - Seoul
Talking to a number  of Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) officials, there is a growing awareness of a number of very important changes that need to be made in the way that eSports is administrated if it is ever to become an IOC sanctioned sport.

First there are the governance  issues. Not only must the governance of the IeSF be above reproach, but there needs to be a number of constitutional changes made.

The IOC demands that there is gender equality in the member bodies. This must be enforced in the constitution where the gender ratio's are enforced.

Again, MSSA intends  to lead the way in this regard. It  seems as though a number of officials are debating on how to create gender equality on MSSA's Management Board.

The changes could effectively  mean that MSSA would be the first South African National Federation that would ensure that women hold as many positions on the Management Board as what their male counterparts do.

It is all very exciting!

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