Saturday 23 September 2017

It's all go, go, go...

Few understand the amount of work required by a national federation to get an official team overseas.

In esports, only one organisation has consistently sent teams overseas.

Such organisation is Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA), South Africa's largest membership based gaming organisation in South Africa.

MSSA has sent teams for esports overseas since 2005. Only in 2008, MSSA did  not send a team overseas. Instead in 2008, MSSA brought out SK Gaming to participate in the African Continental Championships that were held at Wits University in 2008.

Thus MSSA's  MANCOM is hard at work organising, sourcing, and tying up all the loose ends that will see the 2017 Protea Esports Team head off for IeSF's 9th World Championships - Busan.

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