Monday 4 September 2017

The leader of the pack...

Devon Morris
Mind Sports South Africa's recent Online Provincial Championships was a huge success for the StarCraft II period.

The Online Championship saw the largest number of participants and saw most of South Africa's top players take part in the event.

The Blue Dragon Club ponce again demonstrated its commitment to promoting and developing the esports period of StarCraft II by ensuring that the club had a healthy representation at such Online Championship.

As a result of Blue Dragon's strong participation over the past number  of years, it is not surprising that Blue dragon has entrenched itself as the dominant club in StarCraft II.

However, none have shown as much improvement as much as Devon Morris has done.

Having won  MSSA's Free State Championships in June 2017, Devon provided proof positive that his win at such championship was not a fluke - but rather due to his innate skills.

Devon demolished all of his opponents in the Online Championship to win such championship. By having won all of his games, Devon (who is a learner at King David - Victory Park) has earned both his Gauteng Provincial Colours as well as earning himself a place in MSSA's 2018 National Team Trials to be held in June 2018.

The medal winners of the Online Championship are:

Category Pos Name Club Points Tie-break
Premier 1 Devon Morris Blue Dragon 15
2 Joshua Goldin Blue Dragon 12 39
3 Bernd Pfander Blue Dragon 12 27
Under 24 1 Stefan Morris Blue Dragon 9
2 Chad Schuleman Blue Dragon 6