Friday 8 September 2017

Jessie Joubert to shout-cast SA's official IeSF test match against Switzerland.

Jessie Joubert at IeSF's 8th World championships - Jakarta.
On 6 Septemberr 2017 MSSA announced that the official IeSF test match against Switzerland shall be streamed on MSSA's channel on TULUNTULU.

The test match forms part of the Protea CounterStrike: GO Esports Team's preparations for IeSF's 9th World Championships - Busan.

The South African Protea CounterStrike: GO Esports Team shall play from Roedean College at the following times:

  • Counter Strike GO (Game 1) - 15H00 to 16H00
  • Counter Strike GO (Game 2) - 16H00 to 17H00

Jessie Joubert has established himself as a  well respected CounterStrike: GO player.

Having earned National Federation Colours in 2016, Jessie went on to earn Protea Colours in in 2017 and captained the Protea CounterStrike: GO Esports Team at IeSF's 8th World championships - Jakarta.
With the wealth of knowledge that Jessie Joubert has in both the local and international scene, Jessie's shout-casting should be most enjoyable.

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