Saturday 16 September 2017

Jason Batzofin (IeSF's Athletes' Commission) meets with AeSF's Players' Representative.

Frederico Alexandre Dos Santos Rosario (AeSF's Players' Representatives) and Jason Batzofin (IeSF's Athletes' Commission)  
The Asian Electronic Sports Federation's (AeSF) Annual General Meeting held at Hilton Al Ain on 15 September 2017 saw AeSF induct its Player's Representative.

Under the watchful eye of  His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifah Al Nahyan, the General Meeting unanimously elected Frederico Alexandre Dos Santos Rosario (of Macau) as its Players' Representative.

International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) has a policy of 'Protect the Player', through which IeSF is working to improve the basi
c conditions of esports athletes

As soon as he was elected to the position Jason Batzofin (Chairman of IeSFs' Athletes' Commission) welcomed Frederico to his newly elected position.

Readers should note that AeSF is without doubt the largest member based continental confederation for esports in the world. In fact, its size of membership is only dwarfed by IeSF itself. Affiliated to International e-Sports Federation, AeSF enjoys the spotlight of being the premier Continental Confederation for esports.

There is no doubt that AeSF shall become a major 'mover and skaker' in the world of esports as esports as a fully accredited sporting code continues to grow and develop.

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