Friday 9 March 2018

A position has opened up on MSSA's Management Board.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has long held the belief that people getting into an elected position is not just for adding something 'nice' onto your Curriculum Vitae (CV), but rather to have a real contribution to the gaming community, whether it be for board gaming, card gaming, esports, wargaming, and/or robotics.

MSSA also enjoys frank discussion where the elected office-bearers enjoy the right to be as open as possible. Thus MSSA always commends honesty and openness.

It is with heavy-heart that MSSA witnesses the resignation of the National School's Director. Darryl-Lee Bruce-Smith quickly identified the fact that he just did not have the time to commit to the task at hand due to family and work commitments.

MSSA applauds Darryl-Lee for his dedication and commitment shown to date.

Thus, a position on the Management Board has become available.

However, it should be noted , that in terms of MSSA's Constitution, and drive to promote gender equity, MSSA may only co-opt a female to this position. The reason for such is that MSSA's ManCom already has more than 50% of the positions held by males.

So, if you are a female educator, wanting to put more back into gaming, and you want to be eligible to be co-opted to fill the vacancy, please contact Mind Sports South Africa on

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