Friday 23 March 2018

Jengo goes with FIG + Announcement Trailer - The crowdfunding goes live Friday, March 23, 2018

Hello everyone!
We know that the Robot Wizard team have kept a low profile so far in 2018, but we are by no means resting. We have been hard at work, and in discussions with a view to obtaining a funding model in order to help pay for all the costs that go into making a videogame. Many may not be aware, but the team are developing the game part-time between jobs and family life. We are now, finally, at the stage of development where things start to get serious and we are proud to announce today our partnership with FIG.

If you are a fan of Jengo and want to support local game development, we are putting our wizard hats down to the ground to ask South Africa for help. For our campaign to get the full support of FIG we require a total investment of 400 backstage backers. Thereafter it will make its way out of backstage and receive the full support of FIG's marketing muscle which will increase our chances of hitting our funding goal.

The money from the campaign will go towards paying for our voice talent, musicians, artists, programmers and more. If you would like to support our cause and find out more about the game and how you can get involved, click here. [ ]
As always, we don't like to leave you without a little taste of things to come. Check out our very first official announcement trailer for Jengo, brilliantly scored by the Black Cat Bones and our FIG pitch video.
Please help postpone the apocalypse, and back our game. Only you the gaming community and Jengo supporters can make this happen.

* Fig is a community funding and publishing platform for independent video games. Fans back games on Fig to get exclusive rewards or invest to earn returns from game sales. Fig was created to bring fans together to help Fig publish games of all kinds. Our goal is to strike a balance between titles from well-known independent studios as well as ones from up-and-coming indie teams. 

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Jengo: Fig Trailer (Official) -
Jengo Pitch Video (FIG) -
Visual Asset – Included on mail

Graeme Selvan | 082 928 6811
Louis du Pisani | 072 224 2423

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