Tuesday 27 March 2018

Curro Klerksdorp brings back the cutlery.

Curro Klerksdorp's DotA 2 team.
Curro Klerksdorp once again proved to be an excellent host  of the North West Championships. With Curro Klerksdorp having hosted the 24th and 25th North West Championships, hosting MSSA's 26th North West Championships proved to be a 'walk-in-the-park' for the host club.

However, never before has the school earned as many accolades as it did at the 26th  North West Championships with five (5) players  earning senior provincial colours, with a total of 12 medals being won by the school.

The full list of Curro Klerksdorp medal winners is:

Name Position Division Game played Colours earned
Matthew Brooks 1 Premier DotA 2 North West
Mohammed Gabru 1 Premier DotA 2 North West
Devon Gomes 1 Premier DotA 2 North West
Peter Mansfield 1 Premier DotA 2 North West
Richard Visser 1 Premier DotA 2 North West
Mathew Brooks 2 High School FIFA ‘18
Kopano Masego 3 High School FIFA ‘18
Zuko Nomaqhiza 2 Premier PES 2018
Cilliers Swanepoel 2 Premier Tekken 7
Saudah Bhaimia 2 Premier Morabaraba
Dondo Mukhithi 3 Premier Morabaraba
Kaitlin Madramoothu 1 High School Morabaraba

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