Thursday 22 March 2018

"When you look behind, there are no open doors".

Participating countries at IESF's 9th World Championships - Busan.
Looking backwards in hindsight does not give 20 20 vision as  numerous persons have claimed.

The events that unfolded in the past are the product of those specific causes that created them. To have changed even one of the smallest of details would have given a different outcome.

Even then, what truly caused the outcomes are often clouded by bias of those reporting, those taking credit, and propaganda.

The true circumstances, like true heroes, remain hidden from sight which often causes false, or incorrect assumptions and conclusions to be made.

So it is with esports.

While it is true that esports stands on the very cusp of greatness, there are at the moment a number of voices clamouring to be heard and claiming to have been instrumental in the growth of esports. Some have played a very real role, while others sit on the sidelines and feed off the successes and hard work of those truly involved.

This, however, does  not matter since there is an underlying synergy between all the role-players that will help forge the final outcome.

It is true that Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has tirelessly worked to get esports accredited as a sport, which it achieved in 2005, making it the first organisation, and South Africa the first country, to do so.

An achievement of which every South African can be proud!

Since then MSSA has worked with the international community to strengthen IESF, and to promote esports as a sport at the very highest levels.

MSSA has a positive, strong vision, in which it sees esports as being an aid to the economy of the country, helping to promote  education, helping to promote gender equity, and helping to create more productive citizens.

So far, MSSA is on the road to achieving many of its goals. By realising that it cannot go back, MSSA can only go forward.

Esports is on the rise. It is a rush as more-and-more countries, and organisations, realise the possible outcome and join IESF in the march into the future. Notable organisations like ESL too seem to see the bigger picture.

What the final outcome is, it is hard to say, but what we all know, is that MSSA is there, in the thick of things, helping to make it happen.

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