Saturday 9 June 2018

Second to none.

Hoërskool Monument (By courtesy of Hoërskool Monument)
Hoërskool Monument boasts of being 'second to none'.

Looking at the school's rich history spanning a period of over 93 years, there is no doubt that such is not an idle boast, but rather a statement of fact. The school is quite rightly proud of its history and traditions. However, the school does not rest on its laurels and uses its strong foundations as a launching pad to prepare its learners for the future. Thus Hoërskool Monument has affiliated to Mind Sports South Africa, the largest member based organisation for gaming in South Africa, in order to participate in esports.

MSSA is confident that Hoërskool Monument will add great value to MSSA and will become one of the prime movers in esports as we all hurtle towards the 2024 Olympic Games.

With Hoërskool Monument becoming the 105th member club currently affiliated to MSSA, MSSA wishes Hoërskool Monument a long and fruitful membership.

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