Saturday 16 June 2018

Test match against Namibia - 23 June 2018

For tthe first time ever an international esports test match will be played in Sasolburg.
On 23 June 2018 Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) announced that South Africa shall once again take on Namibia in an exciting online international test match in the esports titles of FIFA '18 and TEKKEN 7.

South Africa had an unbeaten record against Namibia prior to 2017. However Namibia, over the years, has improved their standard enormously to have a shock victory over South Africa in 2017 in  the FIFA esports title.

Nevertheless, MSSA (South Africa's official national federation for esports) is confident that South Africa's system of Regional, Provincial, and National Championships has put its players in good stead to once again exert its dominance over Namibia.

Thus MSSA is quietly confident of a victory over Namibia in both the titles on 23 June 2018.
The details for the test match are:

Date23 June 2018
PlatformPlayStation 4 Online
15H00 Tekken Match 1
15H20 Tekken Match 2
15H40 Female Tekken Match
16H00 FIFA Match 1
16H40 FIFA Match 2
VenueFakkel School of Skills

Since this is an online test match, the South African team shall play from Fakkel School of Skills versus their Namibian counterparts who shall play from the Goethe Institut, 5 Fidel Castro Str, Windhoek.

The South African players shall be awarded their Protea Colours immediately prior to the Confederation of African Esports (CAeS) accredited test match.

The match shall be filmed and shown on MSSA's channel on TULUNTULU.

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