Wednesday 27 June 2018

A sad farewell...

Morizane Boyes when competing in IESF's 6th World Championships - Baku.
Morizane Boyes first entered competitive gaming in 2013, and since then has not only been competitive, but has excelled in everything that she has done.

Morizane has earned her Mpumulanga Provincial Colours, S A National National Federation Colours, and Protea Colours.

Morizane has too loyally served MSSA as the Womens’ Desk representative (2013 to 2016) and as President (2016 to 27 June 2018).

Such were her efforts that Morizane won the Volunteer of the Year at SPAR's 2013 GSport Awards.

Morizane too became the first female in the world to referee an international test match, and in 2015 refereed test matches in which South Africa played against Austria, Zimbabwe, Egypt and Tunisia.

However, with family and work placing greater-and- greater demands on her limited free time, Morizane has decided to bow out gracefully and resign of her own volition.

Morizane stated to the Management Committee that she did not see that MSSA really does not have much more to do to improve the MSSA.
Thus with sad farewells, and many a heavy heart, Morizane has taken her leave of the position of president.
Readers should note that MSSA is governed by committee, and that, although Morizane's departure leaves an undeniable void, MSSA shall actively continue with its calendar of events.

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