Saturday 30 June 2018

Germany Becomes Member of International Esports Federation

ESBD (eSport-Bund Deutschland e.V.) has now been accepted as the new member of International Esports Federation (IESF), joining in the international Esports movement as a national federation of Germany.

Becoming the 18th European member at IESF, the German Esports Federation (ESBD) was founded in November 2017 in Frankfurt (Main). It unites 27 organizations such as pro teams, amateur clubs and event organizers and represents organized esports in Germany.

“We are delighted to be part of international esports represented in the IESF” said Mr. Hans Jagnow, President of ESBD. “In light of common challenges of the international esports community, for example the Olympic debate, we value the opportunity to find ourselves side to side with esports representatives from all over the world,”

Jan Pommer, Vice-President of International Affairs, also commented “Esports is developing rapidly
Jan Pommer with MSSA's Colin Webster.
on a global level. Esports federations will play an important role in the future structural developments of this ecosystem. This is why we are pleased to align with IESF in this respect.”

Esports in Europe shows different characteristics depending on the cultures and nations in the world. IESF looks forward to work in collaboration with ESBD, to further develop the esports scene in Germany and also support the global esports movement to for esports recognition as an official sport.

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