Monday 22 August 2016

IeSF dispatches delegate to Brazil

IeSF, being  the only association of member national federations that are recognised by National Olympic Committees (NOC), continually attempts to help federations attain full NOC recognition.

Such policy falls clearly within the ambit of getting esports accredited not only as an established sport, but as an Olympic sport.

So far, IeSF has 21 member federations that are already recognised in there own countries as an official sport.

In Brazil, the IeSF shall participate at the Opening Ceremony of the Finals of the Brazilian eSports Championship at Rio2016 Casa Brasil CBDEL/LNEe Lounge, participate in a round table of discussion with Ministry of Sport, Sports Compliance from IOC, Secretary of Sports of Brasil, Secretary of Educational Sports of Brasil, and the President of the Brazilian eSports Federation (
CBDEL - Confederação Brasileira do Desporto Eletrônico)

All talks and discussions shall  be done at Casa Brasil Rio2016. 

Just like in South Africa, the Brazilian esports  team  is the only official Brazilian National eSports Team, and just like any team in the Olympics, represents their country as other National sporting codes do.

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