Sunday 28 August 2016

Brazil has the fundamentals right

Unlike other interest groups that 'pop' up overnight and then do nothing, whither and die, national federations go the distance.

National Federations are largely driven by volunteers who selflessly put in hours of their time to grow eSports at every level.

That is exactly what the Confederação Brasileira do Desporto Eletrônico (CBDEL) is doing.
The dedicated administrators of all 27 federations that make up the Confederação Brasileira do Desporto Eletrônico (CBDEL) seem yo be doing all the right things.
From developing esports at school, university and other grass-root levels, the CBDEL also has its affiliation with IeSF in order to fully benefit from a truly international family that cares more about the welfare of the gamer than personal aggrandisement and profit.

CBDEL too enjoys full recognition from the Brazilian Ministry of Sport, which allowed CBDEL to utilise Casa Brazil in the Olympic Village for not only a month long exhibition, and celebration of, esports, but also for CBDEL's National Championships at which they are selecting Brazil's first official eSports Team.

Then there are the sponsors (Connect Rio, Eletrobras, and RedZero).

Every sponsor is onboard as such realise  the value of investing in such a federation.

The sponsors see that CBDEL is a legacy. The federation will continue long after the original founders have moved on as no-one owns the federation.

CBDEL too, is careful to nuture ongoing relationships with sponsors. Since federations are not interested in profit, and more interested in delivery, sponsors can invest knowing that every last sent is going into the programme - and not into someones back pocket!

Federations too exist to allow the athletes take ownership of the sports that they love - perhaps that is why there is such a clash between commercially driven entities and federations?

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