Sunday 7 August 2016

MSSA's Inter-Club Ladder

SA eSports athletes in action
Many gamers are already aware that MSSA runs Regional LAN championships, Provincial LAN and on-line, and National LAN events.

However, it seems that few gamers are aware that MSSA also hosts Inter-Club Ladders.

The ladder  events may be done at school level, regional, provincial and national levels.

Ideally, the Ladders should stimulate a greater competitive  level, which in turn shall help prepare  teams for  local and international competitions.

The rules for the inter-club ladder are as follows:

  1. All affiliated clubs shall be invited to participate.
  2. Initially teams shall be listed in order of ranking.
  3. Inter-club tests may be held in each period.
  4. All teams will consist of Registered Players.
  5. Club may enter any number of teams.
  6. Results shall be submitted to the Management Board before 9H00 the day after the test was held.
  7. Teams may challenge a team not more than five (5) positions higher than itself, and not more than three (3) places lower than itself.
  8. The Chairman of the eSBOC must be copied in on all challenges.
  9. The challenged team has five (5) working days to respond and play the match.
  10. A team that is challenged as per the above rules that does not play the game within five (5) days automatically defaults and counts as having lost the match.
  11. A team challenged during any official MSSA event while both teams are participating in such event, and are paired by the umpire to play against each other, must play such challenge.
  12. The winning team takes the place of the losing team, if the losing team is listed higher.
  13. It the winning team is listed higher, the winning team remains in its current position.
  14. If the losing team is listed higher than the winning team, the losing team drops one position on the listing.
  15. The highest listed team, per period, at the end of the SA National Championships is given the title of SA LADDER Champions.
For further details, please contact MSSA at

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