Tuesday 23 August 2016

It makes me laugh!

Don't you just love it when people who have no information whatsoever about an organisation attack statements made by such an organisation?

This is indeed true by a few 'members' of the South African gaming community.

But why do I put the word 'members' in inverted commas, you ask?

The answer is simply that most of the people who claim to be such members are not voted in by anyone.

In fact, they are all self-appointed, and yet they launch into tirades against those who are elected into office.

Such people too maliciously spout untruths against organisations and people without even trying to check the facts.

There are many articles published on the internet that examine the liability to which such people may be exposed as a result of careless and malicious comments.

Some comments may be contested in a civil action, whereas some action may be of a criminal nature

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