Sunday 28 August 2016

Anticipation of changes

It is well known that there are a number of changes happening in eSports. IeSF's Global Summit as sponsored by WCA hinted at the massive changes that esports is undergoing.

Just to get into the IOC require huge structural changes. Such changes include greater gender equality, and even greater good governance (at all levels).

IeSF and all its members, being committed to the vision of getting esports into the Olympics is quickly improving on its existing structures and has already implemented an Athlete's Commission, and has started processes for welfare, education, drug testing, equity, discipline, and the such.

However, at such a tumultuous time, both IeSF and MSSA are in the throws of elections.

Such elections could see very different Management Boards returned with new faces and new visions which may, or not, be in line with the current vision.

That is the price that you day for democracy and the rule of law. No matter the state of development, the rule  of law comes first - there are no sacred cows!

The excitement is palpable as nominations of candidates roll in.

Just who will be on the new committees?

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