Friday 26 August 2016

CBDEL - at Casa Brazil in the Olympic village

CBDEL's stand next to the Brazilian department of sport in Casa Brazil in the Olympic village

The Confederação Brasileira do Desporto Eletrônico (CBDEL) fully understands the importance  off working with all stakeholders.

CBDEL continually interacts with government, the Brazilian Olympic Committee, its membership  and the public.

Thus CBDEL,  through the  kind offices of the Brazilian department of sport, were allowed to man a stand within 
Casa Brazil in the Olympic village.

During the Olympic Games, interest in eSports was outstanding, and the CBDEL officials were swamped with interest.

Young Leonardo Ribas, who was recently selected to represent Brazil on IeSF's Athlete's Commission) and Kathleen Rossi Cossi (who, in May 2016 earned IeSf's International Referee accreditation) were both there helping the other committed athletes  explain, encourage and demonstrate esports to fascinated crowds of other athletes and members of the public.

Wherever you looked in the stand IeSF's logo and branding is clearly visible.

The pride that CBDEL has of its affiliation to IeSF is palpable.

The long-term benefits of the stand in Casa Brazil are hard to predict, but one thing is certain, eSports is in very good hands in Brazil.

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