Thursday 4 August 2016

Jason Batzofin is on IeSF's Athlete's Commission

Koen Hubert, Young Ho Lee, Mr Jun (President of IeSF), Jason Batzofin, and Leonardo Ribas
At the prestigious Global eSports Summit hosted by both WCA and IeSF, IeSF announced the formation of its Athlete’s Commission.

The Commission mirrors the best practices of all sporting codes that are already members of the IOC, and is designed to help protect and care for all athletes within eSports by giving them a voice as previously undreamed of.

To ‘get the ball rolling’, IeSF has hand-picked the founders of such commission, while in future, the candidates shall be elected at IeSF World Championships.

The Athlete’s Commission shall too be represented on IeSF’s Management Board which will allow the eSports athletes a direct say inn how eSports is governed.

South Africa should thus be extremely proud that there is a South African who is one of the founder members of the Commission.

Such South African is none other than Jason Batzofin, who is also MSSA’s Player Representative.

Jason Batzofin has earned his Protea Colours in both 20!5 and 20!6 and has performed with distinction on MSSA’s Management Board.

The Athletes that serve alongside Jason on the Commission are also giants in the field of eSports, being:

To assist the fledgling committee, IeSF has retained the services of five time Olympian, Charmaine Crooks.

There is no doubt that the commission shall meet its objectives and delver a safer environment to all eSport athletes.

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