Thursday 17 August 2017

League of Legends: Empangeni has a fight on its hands...

Westville Boys' League of Legends Team
Empangeni High School has  established itself as the leader of the League of Legends esports title in Mind Sports South Africa's Online School League for 4 term schools. The league is now entering its 4th week and Empangeni High School is now on 9 points.

However, there is always someone right behind, yapping at the heels of the leader.
In this case, it is again Westville Boys.

Westville Boys' League of Legends esports team won the KwaZulu Natal Provincial Championships and are now right behind Empangeni High School.

The two teams are paired off to play against  each other in the 4th round, and the team which wins will probably end up as the winner of the League.

Thus all eyes are turned on the match that will no doubt be the deciding game.

Should either team win the 4th round, it is also likely that such team will  also earn KwaZulu Natal High School Provincial Colours.

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