Wednesday 30 August 2017

Selections of the SA Squad Captains: CounterStrike: GO

Ryan van Schalkwyk
In the past Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) would only select the actual esports team required for the event for which the team is required.
2017 sees a change to the method of selecting teams as now MSSA has decided to increase the number of Registered Players selected to form the national esports squad. Selecting a squad has a number of benefits as it allows MSSA to experiment with different combinations in order to ensure that South Africa can proudly field the best possible team from the Registered Players that had participated at MSSA's National Team Trials.

Without doubt the most important, and central figure, of the squad is the Team Captain.

The Team Captain is the esports athlete who shall lead the official South African CounterStrike: GO Team to IeSF's 9th World Championships - Busan.

Much thus falls on the shoulders of the Team Captain. The Team Captain is responsible for morale, discipline, roster, leadership, and so forth. 

MSSA has at last reached a  decision on the Team Captain who is to lead South Africa's Protea CpunterStrike: GO team.

The team captain selected is none other than 
Ryan van Schalkwyk.
Ryan nan Schalkwyk is only 21 and is a software developer.

Along with CounterStrike, Ryan enjoys
playing my guitar and making music. 

Ryan quickly admits that he enjoys pushing himself hard and bettering himself. The competitive aspect of CounterStrike: GO enthralls Ryan. It is through such hard work and competitive spirit that has allowed Ryan to earn the achievement of being selected as Team Captain, an achievement of which Ryan admits that he has always dreamed.

As Ryan says, " I'm really looking forward to pushing myself and my team as far as we can go at the world championships".

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