Thursday 24 August 2017

Introducing eJudgements - (

eJudgements is a new subscription-based website which enables users to effortlessly find judgements from the Superior Courts in South Africa by using a powerful search facility, combined with a user-friendly graphic interface.
Users can search for any word or phrase and will be presented with all judgements which contain those words or phrases. By hovering a mouse over the search results, the judgement can be previewed, and if the pdf file is opened in a bro1wser the same search criteria can be found in the actual judgement*.
Over 24 000 judgements are contained in the database, dating back to 1995, with most important High Court judgements from the past 10 years.
Not only 'reportable' judgements are included, but we endeavour to include everything, since the search function will help to sift out the irrelevant cases.
(* This feature is currently not applicable to Google Chrome.) 
Screenshot of the Database Homepage
Screenshot of the Search Results page

How It Works

Users will be taken to a search screen, where they can add a basic search query. A search can be refined on the Advanced Search screen.
The search will generate a Search Results page, listing all the judgements which meet the criteria. By hovering over an entry the user can see a preview of the judgement.
The judgement can be viewed in a browser or downloaded.
A user can also set an alert to be informed when a new judgement is loaded which meets the search criteria.
You can try the three-day free trial to test it out.
For more information on how to subscribe and a detailed description of the current features available via eJudgements, go to our eJudgements website.

All subscriptions prior to the end of September 2017 will be discounted.  See our website for details.

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