Wednesday 30 August 2017

Mind Sports South Africa responds to the challenge from Tunisia.

Tunisia - birthplace of Hannibal Barca
On 28 August 2017 Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) reported that the Tunisian Association of Gamers (TAG), in preparation for IeSF's 9th World Championship, Busan, had challenged South Africa to an online test match.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has accepted such challenge and the Team Manager, Ryan Boyes, has begun getting the team ready to take on the African juggernauts that are Tunisia.

Tunisia, of course has an advantage much envied by all South Africans. With tunisia being so close to Europe, Tunisian esports athletes do not experience the problems with latency that South African 
esports athletes do.

Nevertheless, MSSA is  always keen to compete against other African states and sees the test match against Tunisia as vital in terms of creating a better culture of esports in Africa as a whole.

The date for the online test match has been set for 16 September 2017. In such test match, both countries shall pit their national League of Legends teams against each other.

Tunisia was the birthplace of Hannibal Barca, South Africa the birthplace of Shaka. Both great generals favoured similar tactics on the battlefield, will the tactics of the League of Legends national teams also be similar?

When other details have been confirmed, such shall be released.

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