Sunday 27 August 2017

MSSA announces the Vice-Captain of the National League of Legends squad.

Simone “BubblezZz” Beck
The way that Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) now selects its national teams is by first selecting a squad for each title.

Once the squad is selected, athletes within such squad are selected for various terms of duty.

The first choice made by MSSA for the League of Legends team was 
Brandon Fester of the VexxedPhoenix Gaming Club.

MSSA has now selected the Vice-Captain.

The Vice-Captain is non other than 
Simone “BubblezZz” Beck.

Currently playing her 4th year of League of Legends, BubblezZz is enjoying her 2nd year playing at a competitive level. She has previously featured as captain and player for the FBDN Temptation side, but it is with the Valkyrie side that her leadership and learnership in various fields have begun to be refined.

With various mentors as a player and leader, she continues to seek further assistance to ensure that she has the right tools available to assist her team in any and all forms of growth. Both on and off the fields of justice, her passion and strong-willed attitude helps inspire and unite her teammates from the Support role.

Currently favouring Rakan and Brand, with the latter being an iconic pick for her in the Valkyrie side, she has developed an aggressive play style alongside fellow teammate Scarlet. Nonetheless, she is fully capable of falling back to her roots of Janna, Nami and Lulu, where she can support her team from a defensive standpoint.

She is currently focusing on a female esports initiative alongside teammates Angelique'Scarlet' Ramos and Jade 'Jadai' Klein.

With Brandon Fester and Simone “BubblezZz” Beck at the hem of SA's  National League of Legends squad, great things  are expected from the squad as a whole.

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