Tuesday 29 August 2017

MSSA announces full National Team Squad for League of Legends.

The way that Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) now selects its national teams is by first selecting a squad for each title.

Once the squad is selected, athletes within such squad are selected for various terms of duty.

However, it should be noted that the entire squad shall be awarded National Federation Colours, and once the athletes actually are selected for the Protea Team to play against an international opponent, the Protea Colours award shall be made.

The squad consists  of 10 players of whom 5 are male, and five are female.

Brandon “Brafester” Fester (Team Captain)

Brandon “Brafester” Fester’s history in competitive eSports started four years ago where he captained a team of friends, with the goal to be the best. His determination and passion helped his teammates, and opponents, grow as players and people, but his leadership is what ultimately pushed him to the top.

He is currently captain of the Goon Squad (VexxedPhoenix), the current DGC champions and strongest team in the country for League of Legends. He too promotes growth and development in his communities and organisation.

He is currently working on improving his individual skill and preparing his teams for various League of Legends tournaments. On being informed of his selection to the position of Team Captain, Brandon stated, " This has officially become the best and most important day of my life. I can think of nothing more prestigious than representing my country, let alone captaining the side!

Thank you for the strength and support! I too have high hopes for the team and future of South African esports on all fronts. I shall do my best to ensure we can not only meet expectations, but exceed them where possible!" MSSA is proud of its choice in Brandon and looks forward to his term as National Team Captain for League of Legends.

Simone “BubblezZz” Beck (Team Vice-Captain)

Currently playing her 4th year of League of Legends, BubblezZz is enjoying her 2nd year playing at a competitive level. She has previously featured as captain and player for the FBDN Temptation side at DGC 2016, but it is with the Valkyrie side that her skills in various fields have really begun to shine.

Learning under a variety of mentors, BubblezZz continues to seek further assistance to ensure that she has the right tools available to assist her team in any and all forms of growth and her passion and strong-willed attitude helps inspire and unite her teammates from the Support role on and off the Fields of Justice.

Currently favouring Rakan and Brand, with the latter being an iconic pick for her in the Valkyrie side, she has developed an aggressive playstyle alongside fellow teammate Scarlet, although she is fully capable of falling back to her roots of Janna, Nami and Lulu, where she can support her team from a defensive standpoint.

She is currently focusing on a female esports initiative alongside teammates Scarlet and Jadai.

Gregory “JewTron” Wessels:

JewTron started playing League of Legends 6 years ago, finding himself on multiple teams in various positions over the years however, it is the jungle he could call eventually his home and the role as Jungler where he found the most success.

The dark horse of the team and often easily written off by his opponents, Jewtron delivers when his team needs him most with a supportive jungling style, and a “team comes first” attitude, allowing for the players around him to do what they do best. He is the ultimate team player and favour picks such as Ivern and Gragas show just that.

Jewtron’s current focus is on individual improvement while representing VxP Goon Squad.

Connor “Kiddo” Cryans:

The League of Legends child prodigy started his journey 6 years ago under a different name, but the name Kiddo would become one of the most recognizable names in the South African League of Legends community where, despite his young age, the 16 year old has already reached a veteran star player status.

While Kiddo is known to often use his strong mechanical abilities to win games on his own as a Midlaner, it is his flexibility at being able to play every role at a proficient level that makes him one of the best players the country has to offer.

His drive to be the best, along with his compassion and loyalty towards his teammates, has also propelled his development in the field of leadership wherein his focus lies. He is also currently represents VxP Goon Squad.

Brett “Clax” Whitehead:

One half of the most dominant botlane the country has ever had to offer, Clax began his career in the midlane nearly 5 years ago where many of the top teams noticed his mechanical skill on a variety of high skill ceiling champions. However it was not until his move to VnR, and subsequent move to the Marksman role, that he truly made a mark on the South African scene where he is now known as one of the best players, and currently the best Marksman in the country.

Capable and willing to play any and all champions in his field of expertise, Clax relies on his mechanical prowess and willingness to trade with his lane opponent, even in losing situations, to gain advantages wherever he can. Clax’s aggressive play style and die-hard attitude makes for a fearsome player.

Previously the highest ranked South African player this season, Clax hopes to rediscover his unstoppable form and represents VxP Goon Squad.

Kyle “youNique” Taylor

The other half of the most dominant botlane the country has ever had to offer, youNique started playing League of Legends 4 years ago. Now known as the best support in the country; youNique’s consistency at high level play, in-game leadership, and mechnical prowess often have him touted as the best player in general.

Favouring playmaking champions such as Alistar and Thresh, youNique controls the tempo of games and sets up his teammates with ease. He is also no stranger to champions such as Janna and Lulu, where he allows his teammates to do the dirty work while he focuses on keeping them alive.

As an ex-captain youNique possesses a variety of traits such as leadership, commitment, dedication and drive. His passion for the game and being the best truly inspires those around him.

He is currently represents VxP Goon Squad

Angelique “Scarlet” Ramos

Scarlet started playing League of Legends 4 years ago and she has accumulated invaluable experience while playing for previously notable League of Legends’ teams such as AxE Gaming and VnR.LoL, albeit only a short period of time for the latter. Her experiences over the years now see her spearheading team Valkyrie as their captain.

In playing the Marksman role, Scarlet has created quite a name for herself in the community as the highest ranked SA female player and as one of the highest ranked players overall. She finds Kog’Maw and Xayah among her favourite champions, despite favouring Jinx over the years, both of which are champions that allow her mechanical prowess to shine through.

Jade “Jadai” Thomas

The previous captain of Valkyrie, Jadai started playing League of Legends 7 years ago where, as with all other interests and passions in her life, she found herself aspiring for more. She wanted more time playing, more improvement in her skill levels and more opportunities for other females to have a chance to showcase their talent.

It is then of no surprise that Jadai has found herself captaining several all-female teams over her playing tenure and her leadership has inspired those around her, male and female alike, to strive for more. Jadai’s role as an enabler for her team is highlighted through the successes she finds on champions such as Shen and Cho’Gath, but she is not averse to taking the carry-role on champions such as Rumble and Kayle.

Jadai is currently focusing on improving her Toplane gameplay and she is also focusing on a female esports initiative alongside teammates Scarlet and Jadai.

Leana “TheLadyRage” Jackson

Having started playing League of Legends 8 years ago, which in itself is a testament to her dedication and commitment to the game TheLadyRage’s passion to make her mark on the South African esports saw the former FBDN Knights player make the move to team Valkyrie in 2017 where she also found herself playing a new position as Midlaner.

She enjoys playing champions such as Morgana, Heimerdinger, and Ahri, which allows for her to control her lane while giving her the time to study her opponents for a calculated strike. By using her experience and knowledge of the game and champions she tries to keep the flow of her lane in her control, giving her team the chance to make plays around the map.

TheLadyRage is currently focusing on personal endeavours and mentally preparing herself for the opportunity to showcase her talent for the South African side.

Amone “CheriCheriLady” Bekker

CheriCheriLady started playing League of Legends nearly 5 years ago where, with no initial direction or intention to pursue the game on a serious level, she nonetheless found herself growing better as a player and subsequently featuring for the then FBDN Temptation team at DGC 2016.

Despite playing as a midlaner for the Temptation team, her main role was Support and her favourite champion Nami. This just highlights her aptitude as a versatile player while showcasing her desire to and willingness to play the role of “fill” for her team.

The current Jungle for team Valkyrie, CheriCheriLady continues to display a playstyle which puts the team’s needs above that of her own. Her go to champion in the Jungle role is Kayn, where her flexibility at playing different styles is apparent in her willingness to play the role of an aggressor.

She is currently focusing on learning the Jungle role for team Valkyrie where she continues her progress as a player with a newfound sense of direction.

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