Thursday 31 August 2017

IeSF agree on partnership with University of New Haven.

With the continued accreditation of esports as a sport,  IeSF and UNH have agreed on a partnership to increase the development of the esports foundation.

The purpose of this agreement is to build friendship and foster a relationship that will promote intellectual exchanges and growth of academic resources in the field of esports between students, faculty members and administrators of UNH and IeSF. In order to facilitate a beneficial program for this partnership and establish a larger network involving broader esports education, both parties will seek to promote an academic and educational collaboration.

In detail, IeSF will provide global research samples from its member nations, UNH conduct faculty-driven and student-driven research. And IeSF will support UNH’s esports business class and both parties will cooperating on publishing academic text and guidebooks of esports including academic research results. Both organization will be introducing an internship program to offer more opportunities for people interested in esports.

“This year will be an important year for esports academic world”. said Alex Lim, Secretary General of IeSF.” 

The 2017 Global EsportsExecutive Summit (GEES) this year in November, will be the place where the first esports academic society will be inaugurated. Based on the MOU with UNH, IeSF will expand the connection with other universities to continue and focus educating esports human resources. This is only a start and IeSF would like to reach out to all researchers and universities interested in esports to join the creation of esports theoretical and scientific background to create a sustainable esports ecosystem.

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