Thursday 17 August 2017

Parklands College dominates CounterStrike: GO School rankings.

Westville Boys' CounterStrike: GO team at the recent KZN Championships.
With Mind Sports South Africa's Online School League for 4 term schools is now entering its 4th week a major clash is expected between Parklands College (Cape Town) and Westville Boys' High school (Durban) in the CounterStrike: GO esports title. 

The schools are at the top of the rankings, and the final result between the schools could significantly change which school is at the top of the rankings.

Should Parklands win, Parklands could even further extend its lead. However, should Westville inflict a crushing defeat on Parklands, the positions of the  two schools may very well swap.

Thus the Parklands and Westville match not only affects the two school's ultimate positions in the Online School League, but the position of both schools in the official rankings.

The rankings of the schools participating inn the Online School League for CounterStrike: GO are as follows:

Name of team Name of club seeding
Alerion Gaming Parklands College 860.6
WBHS/CS:GOA Westville Boys 325.2
Pr0NHS Northcliff High School 281.1
EHS CSGO Empangeni High School 260.8
MC GO1 Maritzburg College 250.4
District_Zero Protea Heights Academy 241.3
Potchefstroom Gimnasium Potchefstroom Gimnasium 200
Northwood CSGO Northwood High 166.7
Tesseract Jeppe Boys 159
Semper Fi Oakhill College 157.5
[PRIDE] Parktown Boys 150
PG16 Parklands College 150
Limitless Hoƫrskool Wonderboom 150
WBHS/CS:GOB Westville Boys 117.5
PG13 Parklands College 108
The Nerd Herd Glenwood House 100
GWH CSGO Glenwood House 75
T.I.O Oakhill College 75
MC GO2 Maritzburg College 75

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