Saturday 12 August 2017

Quick Moriarty, it's Goon Squad.

Goon Squad at MSSA's recent National Team Trials.
Goon Squad (VexxedPhoenix Gaming Club) has enjoyed a number of successes in 2017, but who are the athletes in the team?

“Brafester” Fester 

Brandon Fester’s history in competitive eSports started four years ago where he captained a team of friends, with the goal to be the best. His determination and passion helped his teammates, and opponents, grow as players and people, but his leadership is what ultimately pushed him to the top.

He is currently captain of the Goon Squad, which is without doubt one of the strongest team in the country for League of Legends. He too promotes growth and development in his communities and organisation.

He is currently working on improving his individual skill and preparing his teams for various League of Legends tournaments.

Gregory “JewTron’ Wessels:

The dark horse of the team. Often easily written off by his opponents, but he delivers when his team needs him most. With a supportive jungling style, and a “team comes first” attitude, JewTron allows for the players around him to do what they do best. He is the ultimate team player.

Over the course of his playing career, JewTron has played many a different roles. However, it is the jungle he could call his home.

Connor “Kiddo” Cryans:

The League of Legends child prodigy. Kiddo will often use his strong mechanical abilities to win games on his own, but it’s his flexibility by being able to play every role at a proficient level that makes him one of the best players the country has to offer.

His drive to be the best, along with his compassion and loyalty towards his teammates, has also propelled his development in the field of leadership and, despite his young age, he has already reached a veteran status in the League of Legends South Africa community.

Brett “Clax” Whitehead:

One half of the most dominant botlane the country has ever had to offer. Clax began his career in the midlane, where many of the top teams noticed his mechanical skill on a variety of high skill ceiling champions.

However, it was not until his move to VnR, and subsequently the ADC role, that he truly made a mark on the South African scene. One of the best players, and currently the best ADC in the country, Clax’s aggressive playstyle and die-hard attitude makes for a fearsome player.

Kyle “youNique” Taylor

The other half of the most dominant botlane the country has ever had to offer. The best support in the country; youNique’s consistency at high level play, in-game leadership, and mechnical prowess often have him touted as the best player in general.

As an ex-captain, youNique possesses a variety of trait such as leadership, commitment, dedicated and drive. His passion for the game and being the best truly helps inspire those around him.

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