Tuesday 29 August 2017

Massive change to MSSA's Regional Championships.

South Africa has 56 regions within the nine provinces. The districts are the municipal districts as defined by the South African government. The Minister of Sport and Recreation considers growth at the Regions as vital to the growth of sport in South Africa as a whole.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) totally subscribes to the view expressed by the Minister in this regard.

Thus MSSA has implemented the policy of holding Regional Championships. It is hoped that the Regional Championships will be expanded to each and every region in the country, as the championships will undoubtedly help:
  1. Strengthen clubs that are in each region,
  2. Encourage clubs to grow in regions that as yet do not have member clubs, and
  3. Allow a greater base of players to participate in official MSSA championships without having to travel vast distances.
Thus, considering that Regional Championships are to be used as a vehicle to increase MSSA's footprint across the country, MSSA has decided that for the remainder of the year any player (whether affiliated or not to a member club) be allowed to enter any MSSA Regional Championship subject to an additional payment of R20.00 per player per game, and on completing (in its entirety) an 'Associate Player Registration Form'. .
Such decision will allow such gamers to win medals, and to earn Regional Colours, but will not extend to any other benefit of membership such as qualifying for National team Trials, voting rights, and so forth.
Also, such additional payment shall not be retained by the host club, but shall be paid by such host club directly into MSSA's bank account.

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