Tuesday 27 February 2018

2018 Gauteng Sportsmanship Award goes to...

Kit Rawlings of Northcliff High School.
At every Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) Regional, Provincial, and National LAN Championship, the umpires decide on who shall receive the sportsmanship award. At the end of the year, the winners of such awards are then considered to see who is the winner of the annual Sportsmanship Award (Dorian Love Trophy) as awarded at MSSA's Annual General Meeting.

Some years it is easy, and other years it is extremely hard to determine who should receive the award.

MSSA's 2018 Gauteng Championships gave the umpires an almost near impossible task.

There were just so many Registered Players from which to choose.

Nevertheless, the umpires applied their minds and went through the many names, until, eventually, there was only one.

The name remaining was that of Kit Rawlings of Northcliff High School.

Thus the umpires, with one voice, unanimously agreed to award Kit Rawlings the 2018 Gauteng Sportsmanship Award.

There is no doubt that Kit represents all that is good in competition. His kind, generous, and courteous demeanour never wavered throughout the competition.

Kit remains an asset to his family, school, and esports.

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