Thursday 8 February 2018

Milnerton High School becomes MSSA's 95th member.

Milnerton High School.
The growth of esports continues at an almost frenetic pace with university, private and school clubs forming in almost every institution, town and suburb.

The officially recognised national federation, Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA), has likewise welcomed all comers into its ranks.

However, the growth in the Western Cape is a reaching new highs, with school-after-school affiliating as never before.

Even though the number of schools affiliated in Gauteng far outnumber those in the Western Cape, the standard of play in the Western Cape challenges the schools in Gauteng at every turn.

Milnerton High School, with its positive attitude to acceptance and open-mindedness where diversity is valued and continuous critical reflection is promoted is part of the movement of seeing esports reach its full potential.

The school will also be participating in MSSA's 8th Online Inter-School Championships on 10 February 2018 for the very first time.

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