Wednesday 7 February 2018

Paul Roos Gymnasium affiliates to MSSA.

Paul Roos Gymnasium
Paul Roos Gymnasium, a boys school with a tradition of excellence in all areas of education which was founded in 1866 is the latest school to affiliate to Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA).

The school is known for having produced the largest number of Springbok rugby players (50) and is now taking a plunge into the world’s newest and fastest growing sport – esports.

In 2005, Paul Roos Gimnasium produced a member of the Protea wargaming team, Pierre Lötter, who won silver at the International Wargames Federation’s (IWF) World Championships.

Having a school with the ethos and dedication as continually exhibited by Paul Roos Gymnasium, the school is bound to be a game changer.

MSSA welcomes 
Paul Roos Gymnasium into the fold and hopes that the school shall have a long and fruitful association.

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