Monday 12 February 2018

Results: MSSA's 8th Online Inter-School Championships.

Paul Roos Gimnasium's HearthStone players from which the overall champion was drawn - Matthias Dhont.
Mind Sport South Africa (MSSA) ran its 8th Online Inter-School Championships, which proved to be the largest online school championship to date.

Needless to say, the total number of entries was daunting for all concerned, but especially after considering the suggestions made by Francois Cronje (Empangeni High School), the event will even run smoother in the future.

Nevertheless, a great deal of fun was had by many.

The 'Old Guard' had their work cut out for them as the 'Young Turks' quickly demonstrated that even though they were in the first year of affiliation, they too could play the game.

Thus Paul Roos Gimnasium, Parys High School, and Bishops College made their mark.

And that is the strength of esports, schools from every part of the country are able to pay against each other, create new rivalries, at only a fraction of the cost of traditional sports.

The top three results per esports title are:

Titlepos.Team nameSchool
CounterStrike: GO
1GriffinsWestville Boys
2AlerionParklands College
3DeityPaul Roos Gimnasium
DotA 2
1Bishops Dota 1st teamBishops College
2SchoemanPaul Roos Gimnasium
1Yorke SoniNorthcliff High School
2Joshua WilliamsNorthcliff High School
3Mikhyle NaidooNorthcliff High School
1Matthias DhontPaul Roos Gimnasium
2Jason MostertGrey High School
3Geoffrey TarbuckGrey High School
League of Legends
1Toxic MonkeysWestville Boys
2HSP LegendsParys High School
3Empangeni High School 1Empangeni High School
StarCraft II1Cleveland CrosslingNorthcliff High School
Tekken 7
1Darnell FynnEmpangeni High School
2Nzimandi UnathiEmpangeni High School
3Ian HalgreenEmpangeni High School
1Ndwandwe Aphelele (Ms)Empangeni High School
1CatameleonsNorthcliff High School
2StealthWolvesHoërskool Wonderboom
3Empangeni High SchoolEmpangeni High School

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  1. Which schools are represented by the different csgo team names?