Friday 2 February 2018

Should gamers 'hop' from club-to-club?

Some esports gamers have been known to move two or three times a year.
With MSSA now having over 90 clubs affiliated to it, are you at the right club?
Conventional wisdom holds that there is some kind of sliding scale between loyal club member and a member that hops from club-to-club, and that it is dangerous to move to much. 
If, on the other hand, you opt for the loyalty route, the club for which you play may give substantial benefits, as turnover is expensive. 
Because of the expense in training new club members, clubs look for unfaithful members, but not members that are unfaithful too often as they do not want those members to cheat on them as they did on the previous club.
Transition from clubs are a finite resource, and is often the difference between having a few cold ones on the weekend and being an alcoholic.
One of the biggest reasons people stay at a club is simple inertia as it is easier to stay where you are comfortable rather than going somewhere else which may test you, and possibly make you 'up' your game.

Being satisfied with the club of which you are a member, is also a huge reason why a player would not hop from club-to-club.

Loyalty too is yet another reason why a player will remain with a club. In return, the club may reward such a player with loyalty in return. Such cases are, however, rare as administrators change and sometimes do not share the same values as the previous administrators.

It is always unwise to believe that a club would not be able to survive without your loyalty and skills. Clubs are remarkably good at plodding along, even when administrated by incompetents.

When club hopping, you stand a better chance of developing your career. When you hop: you tend to accumulate more experience as you have to learn to deal with new team-mates, learn new aspects of the game, a deal with new environments.

Hopping from club-to-club also lets you control your circumstances.

The club hopper is never around long enough to wait for promotion to the 'A' team, if he/she sees it is not going to happen within his/her time-frame, he/she moves, and goes to a club that will provide the advancement that he/she craves.
As a result of the above, players who hop from club-to-club avoid stagnation.
As long as you don’t quit, or get kicked-out, without another club to go to, there is nothing wrong with hopping from club-to-club.
Sure it will annoy club administrators, but such administrators were probably far to complacent with you as a member, and not really meeting your needs anyway.
Of course the player  who is having his/her needs met will rubbish this opinion piece.

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