Monday 12 February 2018

Years of dedication pays off.

Ms. Noelene du Toit awarding scrolls to members of Northcliff high School's esports team.
Northcliff High School became involved in esports back in 2010. Since then, Northcliff has hosted a Gauteng Provincial Championships, hosted Silviu 'Nightend' Lazar, and produced two Protea Team members (Robert Botha and Ian Pillay).

The school too has fared consistently well in MSSA's Online Inter-School Championships.

However, had it not been for the unbridled enthusiasm and dedication of the Educator-in-charge (Noelene du Toit), it is doubtful if the school would be at the forefront (as it is today) of esports.

It is thus absolutely exciting that Northcliff High School has made another breakthrough in esports.

Even though esports is a recognised sport in South Africa, the school has only allowed the award of 'scrolls' this year in 2018 for mind sports.

All the  learners receiving such scrolls thus owe Noelene, the principal, and the governing body, a  great deal of gratitude for their progressive outlook.

Congratulations to all the recipients.

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