Friday 16 February 2018


By: Iqbal Ahmed
President: Pakistan Checkers Draughts Association (PCDA)
The future of draughts game is too bright in the Pakistan. At this time, the draughts game is being played only on the domestic basis, just to time pass and enjoyment only. But, in the past, this game was played some time on tournaments basis and even at present the situation is same. Because of non-availability of the sponsors, the draughts game was organised on personal fund basis. Therefore, due to lack of publicity, the draughts game could not get due attention from the public. Some old and senior players play the draughts game on a recreational basis so, new generation is unaware of the importance and significant of the draughts game. This is on record that before the creation and establishment of the Pakistan Checkers Draughts Association (PCDA), there was not the concept of the education and training of the draughts game throughout the Pakistan.

In Pakistan, the draughts game is being played in the Italian Style by some players, but a number of players play the rules and regulations as done in the USA on 8x8 checkers boards. This should be noted that in Pakistan, players follow the ( go as you please ) GAYP System in the tournaments. The boards are used of black and white colours, and the three move restriction is not common.

Pakistan Checkers Draughts Association (PCDA) wants to develop the draughts game throughout the country. We appreciate the WCDF, on this occasion that it is continuously helping and supporting PCDA in this regard. The PCDA has organised education and training on 8x8 boards as per USA rules and regulation in schools different areas of the Karachi. The PCDA also using the way of the social media to develop the value of the draughts game in present as well as future, to generate the new players throughout the country.

Pakistan Checkers Draughts Association (PCDA) organised the First National Open Checkers Championship on October 22, 2017 in Karachi, Pakistan. That event got the attention from all over the world, which was also appreciated by the WCDF, the great honour for us. Now, PCDA is working on 10x10 boards of international draughts alongwith 8x8 boards. Some players made their own 10x10 boards of international draughts or arrange from foreign countries. In Pakistan, there is not yet any record of the 10×10 draughts game tournament on international rules. However, some so-called players for only publicity photo session purposes play it at local tea hotels which is of course not fair  for the long-term value and image of the draughts game.

Pakistan Checkers Draughts Association (PCDA) is working and struggling to create the interest about the draughts game in the new generation. Thus PCDA will soon organise a 10x10 international draughts tournament. In this regard PCDA is providing the complete education and training on school basis as well as general public on all ages of the communities.

The population of the Pakistan is close to 180 million, which may become the biggest market for the draughts game. PCDA has a target to achieve the minimum 1% of the total population as memembers. It is through the positive policies  of the entire community, including the help and support of the world organisations of the draughts game, that PCDA will be able to achieve the said target.

The PCDA is working day and night to develop the draughts game, for this purpose PCDA is distributing free checkers boards to boy and girl students of schools. From September 24, 2017 to October 15, 2017, PCDA also organised training camps in different areas of the Karachi. As, the PCDA only receives funding from persons who share the dreams and ideals of PCDAPCDA faces big problems to promote and develop the draughts game in Karachi as well as the whole country. PCDA wants to establish a permanent training centre, which is the need of the day, but, due to financial issues, this objective is not yet possible.

At this time, Pakistan has some very good players, who can play on 8x8 as per English rules at GAYP. These players can perform their best performance in any international tournament at any time. 

However, no man is an island, and PCDA needs the moral support from all the world's draughts players and organisations in order to see the game grow and prosper in Pakistan.

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