Sunday 4 February 2018

Enforcing transformation.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has not only fought continuously for the bodies to which it is affiliated to have greater good governance and to be transparent. Thus MSSA is always willing to stand up and be counted. Whether it is MSSA standing up to SASCOC or its international federations, MSSA always attempts to do the 'right' thing

However, MSSA also always attempts to improve on itself as well.

It would be hypocrytical of MSSA to stand up to others and not look at itself deeply in the mirror, and always aim at doing better and not try to improve on itself.

Thus MSSA now allows all of its Provincial Directors to sit on its Management Board (MANCOM). Through sitting on MANCOM it is hoped that the Provincial Directors will have a better understanding of the work done by MANCOM and the decisions reached.

Though such openness, it is hoped that the Provincial Directors will be further inspired, and will help MSSA reach new heights as MSSA ploughs forward in developing all of the disciplines and games of which it it custodian.

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