Sunday 9 July 2017

Club points earned at MSSA's Free State Provincial Championships

Gawie Fick locked in battle against Leoné Loftus (both of Fakkel School).
The club points were determined from MSSA's Free State Provincial Championships held at Fakkel School on 24 & 25 June 2017 which showed Fakkel School taking the championships.

This is the second championship inn which Fakkel School has earned the most points, the first being
 MSSA’s 16th Mpumulanga Championships held in May this year.

The Club Points system rewards clubs for both numbers as well as the average standard of play.

The points earned in provincial and national championships are fed through to the Club Trophy. The Club Trophy itself is used to determine any development funding.

Although the Free State Championships had fewer clubs  represented than either MSSA's Gauteng, North West or Mpumulanga Championships, the sheer number of Registered Players entered by the participating clubs rivaled any of the three previously named championships.

Four (4) clubs, out of the 75 clubs affiliated, participated at MSSA's Free State Provincial Championships held at Fakkel School on 24 & 25 June 2017. Each club affiliated to MSSA consists of one or more teams, with some clubs having as many as 250 members.
The club points earned at MSSA's Free State Provincial Championships are:

Pos Club Points
1 Fakkel School 280
2 JCS Academy 119
3 Masters of eSports Mind Sports 74
4 Blue Dragon – 3DE 10

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