Sunday 23 July 2017

Final entry date for SA School National Championships - Monday, 24th of July 2017.

2016 S A School winners
The final entry date for teams will be 20H00 on Monday, 24th of July 2017. 

If entries are not submitted before the close off date and time, schools will not be able to participate in this championship.

The championship is an awesome opportunity for scholars to earn High School National Federation Colours for their respective games and provinces.

MSSA's S A National High School Championships to be held at Oakhill College, Knysna, on 29 & 30 July 2017 thus gives scholars an unique opportunity to excel in the following games:
Board games titles to be played at 2017 School National Championships

Esports titles to be played at 2017 School LAN National Championships

SaturdayStarCraft IILeague of LegendsHearthStoneTekken 7
SundayCounterStrike: GOFIFA '17DotA 2VainGlory

Wargames to be played at 2016 School National Championships

SaturdayAncients - DBM 3.2
SundayAncients - DBM 3.2

Entries must be loaded onto the alloted Google Drive page.

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