Sunday 23 July 2017

The price of membership.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA), being the largest membership based gaming organisation in South Africa, delivers much to its members, being:

  • MSSA has the largest footprint in South Africa,
  • MSSA has its own 24/7 channel on TULUNTULU on which any member club may post content,
  • MSSA holds a number of school championships,
  • MSSA holds more championships than any other organisation in South Africa,
  • MSSA has an open system of government that allows any member to rise to positions of office,
  • MSSA has sent more teams overseas than any other organisation,
  • MSSA is the only body that may award Regional, Provincial, National, and Protea Colours for gaming,
  • MSSA is the only body that may select official teams to represent South Africa,
  • MSSA is the only body in South Africa that may affiliate to CAeS, and IeSF, and
  • MSSA is in the vanguard of actively developing gaming in South Africa.

With all of the above, you would expect the fees charged to be quite large.

On the contrary, MSSA has always adopted a position of keeping its  fees as low as possible in order to stimulate growth and to remain a 'people's organisation'.

The fees for the 2016/2017 gaming year (1 November 2016 to 31 October 2017) are:
Affiliation fees per club
R100.00 per annum
Registration fees:
Registered with MSSA 
R95.00 per player
Players who are members of school clubs
R 5.00 per player

With fees being that low, can you really not afford to be a member?


  1. why does your logo look like it was designed by a 50 year old

  2. The State Herald designed the logo specifically for the MSSA that best represented all the games as administered by the MSSA. The State Herald Frederick Brownell designed the Janus Knight for the MSSA.

    You may be interested to note that Mr Fred Brownell also designed the current Namibian and South African national flags.

    The logo is made up of the following aspects:

    The double-headed knight chess piece: The knight chess piece is already an international symbol for army battle school. The symbol represents tactical and strategic thought and training. By making the symbol a double-headed knight, it also incorporates the concepts of considering the opponent's moves and shows the mental versatility of gamers.

    The circle: The circle represents the rules to which all the games are played, and the unity of all the games that the MSSA represents.