Friday 14 July 2017

So when do players actually get their Protea colours?

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Without doubt the single highest honour that any South African athlete can get is to officially represent South Africa in any field of sport in an international event.

South Africa has a proud sporting record. Even if you ignore SA's mighty Springboks, Protea Cricket players, other athletes perform just as well - if not better... One just has to look at SA's underwater hockey teams, women's hockey, netball, and so forth. The list is almost endless.

In fact South Africa's Protea Esports Teams too have a proud record of representing South Africa. Currently South Africa is ranked 14th in the world, and when you consider the poor (I nearly stated something far more vulgar) infrastructure with which South African esport athletes have to put up.

But if the truth be told, Protea Colours are not and end result (as many tend to think). Protea Colours are just the start of an exciting journey which is international competition.

Yes, Protea Colours are the first rung of international competition and a wonderful world in which only the best compete. The friendships made in international competition are life-long and endure through thick and thin.

But when does a South African esports athlete get his/her Protea Colours?

Protea Teams are selected by the relevant National Federation (NF). However, it is only once the team is formally announced by the  relevant NF that players are awarded such Protea Colours. The award is generally done at a function after all due process has been followed.

Thus, beware of people claiming to have Protea Colours. All NF's keep strict records of those to whom the award has been granted. Anyone who doubts if a person has been awarded such colours must immediately contact the relevant National Federation.

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