Saturday 22 July 2017

How to play against the official Protea Esports Team.

The 2012, 2013, 2014,  and 2015 Protea Teams that attended IeSF's World Championships.
With the official Protea Esports Team having been selected to officially represent South Africa for esports, and since the team has the same status as any other South African national team, the team only competes as the national team upon instruction from Mind Sports South Africa.

Thus the team almost plays exclusively as a composite unit against other national teams. From time-to-time the team may also play 'friendlies' against  top ranking international  club teams in order to practice for the World Championships.

Team members from the same club may even participate in other local events together. However, such games are obviously considered to be practice matches and are not done in the livery of the national team.

It therefore stands to reason that unless the entire national team is playing as a composite whole with MSSA's approval, the team playing is not the national team.

So when do local players get to play against the National Esports Team?

Simply put, only with the approval of MSSA's Management Board, and after written request. Any such match, if agreed to would only be done under the following conditions:

1. The team requesting such match is affiliated to MSSA, and

2. The event is  done at a LAN, and
3. All equipment is standardised, and
4. All players are subjected to the WADA drug test, and
5. There is no  ambush marketing, and
6. Costs are paid by the applicant.

Otherwise,, any player who  qualifies for the annual National Team Trials have the opportunity to 'battle' it out against the previous years'  team members as they seek selection.

Any team that qualifies for National Team Trials has automatic entry into such Trials.

To qualify for National Team Trials, all a team has to do is be placed
 within the top 20% or top three places, whichever is greater, in a specific Period at a Provincial or National Championship will earn an invitation to National Team Trials. National Team Trials shall be held in the event that a National Team must be selected to represent South Africa when competing in such Period in an International Championship.

The next national  event is MSSA's 
Annual South African National School Championship to be played on 29 & 30 July 2017. The championship is hosted by Oakhill College in Knysna.

The next provincial event is 
MSSA's KwaZulu Natal Provincial LAN Championship to be played on 5 & 6 August 2017. The championship is hosted by Maritzburg College in Pietermaritzburg.

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