Thursday 6 July 2017

Fragcon's Pre-Bosveld Gaming challenge - 20 May 2017

Fun at Hoërskool Pietersburg 
On Saturday the 20th of May Fragcon hosted a Pre-Bosveld Gaming challenge in Polokwane. The challenge was issued to Hoërskool Pietersburg by HTS Tom-Naudé

Hoërskool Pietersburg won the Counter-Strike (5 Players) and League of Legends (5 Players) competitions.

However, HTS Tom-Naudé won the Quake 3 (Single Player) Arena Prize

Mall of the North kindly supplied wonderful Gift certificates to the winners.
Other sponsors were:

NTK Polokwane for the Drinks,
Panarottis for Amazing Pizza, and
Bayhound Coffee Works for a Coffee goodie bag. 


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  1. So glad we could contribute to this. Bayhound team