Monday 31 July 2017

Why development is so important.

SOWETO's first CounterStrike: GO team - Team Ekasi Esports.
On 31 July 2017 'BusinessTech' published an article on the continued shrinking of South Africa's white population.

Whether the cause is due to migration or just an ageing population, or even both, the stats produced should sound alarm bells or everyone involved in gaming.

The article too mentions that the overall population is growing.

Yet few clubs, clans and teams are truly representative of South Africa's population in a country where whites only make up 8% of the country's total population.

For gaming to survive in South Africa, it therefore becomes absolutely vital that all clubs,  clans, and teams encourage, and foster the growth of gaming, among the majority of South Africans.

Thus initiatives like that of Ekasi Esports becomes even more important.

Without clubs developing throughout South Africa, sponsors will lose interest and even the level of competitiveness is likely to decline.

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