Saturday 18 March 2017

Adv. Norman Arendse on Carte Blanche.

Gideon Sam (SASCOC President) with MSSA's 2009 Protea Wargames Team.
Back (left to right) Dr David Vannucci, Duane Havenga, Edward van Trotsenburg, Sean Barry.
Front (left to right) Colin Webster, Gideon Sam, Carl Holliday.
On Sunday, 19 March 2017, Carte Blanche will broadcast interview with Adv. Norman Arendse.

Most will recall, and have been reading in the media recently, and for many months (almost years), that Adv. Norman Arendse has made a number of allegations apropos Gideon Sam and his involvement 
CPS and the SASSA tender.

It should be noted that among some of the positions held by Gideon Sam are:

I know, I for one, will be watching....

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