Wednesday 22 March 2017

Structure of MSSA eSports championships.

Jeppe Boys in action.
The basic tenant that underlies all of out championships is that of growth.

Therefore the MSSA uses a modified ‘Swiss’ system for all its championships. The system is hard on the winners, making them perform to the best of their abilities, while also encouraging the weaker players/teams by allowing them to play all the rounds and improve.

The MSSA currently holds provincial championships in seven out of the nine provinces. To see the full schedule, please refer to MSSA's 2017 Calendar of Events.

The MSSA also holds a South African National championships in which all players may participate.

Due to the distances between cities in South Africa, the MSSA realises that it is not always feasible for gamers to attend LAN’s.

Thus MSSA also hosts online championships which is deemed to be the of the same status as a Provincial LAN championship.

MSSA's system of provincial and national championships form an integral part of team selection and for the award of provincial and national colours.

To be eligible for team selection, a player must finish in the top twenty percent of a provincial or national championships. Such players are then invited to National Team Trials and the Selection process is handled by our Selection Committee.

In the interests of promoting growth, the MSSA’s school championships are free to all learners that are members of affiliated clubs.

In 2009, the Department of Education handed over all control of sport at schools to the Department of Sport and Recreation and to the recognised National Federations.

Thus from 2010, the MSSA assumes all responsibility for the promotion of eSports at school level. Although only three schools initially affiliated to MSSA, the numbers have swelled significantly, so that at the end of 2016 there were over 40 schools affiliated to MSSA.

To ensure that the MSSA develops gaming at school level, MSSA offers schools the following:

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