Friday 10 March 2017

Getting ready to select 2017's Team eSports South Africa.

MSSA's 2013 Protea eSports Team that  was  ranked 10th  in the world.
IeSF has successfully run World Championships from 2009. 

From humble beginnings the founder members pursued the vision of  having a national federation for eSports that would both guide the sport to become fully accredited as well as protect the rights of the eSports athletes themselves.

Details of the  past World Championships is as follows:

Year Location Winner Runner Up
2016 Jakarta, Indonesia South Korea Finland
2015 SeoulSouth Korea  Serbia  South Korea
2014 BakuAzerbaijan  South Korea  China
2013 BucharestRomania  South Korea  Sweden
2012 Cheonan, South Korea  South Korea  Austria
2011 Andong, South Korea  Sweden  South Korea
2010 Daegu, South Korea  South Korea  The Netherlands
2009 TaebaekSouth Korea  South Korea  China

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has ensured that South Africa has had a presence at each every one.

South Africa's participation is as follows:

Year South African players # of players
2016 Jessie Joubert, Lyle Jeacocks, Leandré Sparks, Dillon Justus, Simon Zandstra, Francois Mouton, Matthew Smith, Maryke Kennard, Johan van Breda, Johan Uys, Taylor Rose, Jason Batzofin (Manager) 12
2015 Maryke Kennard, Johan Uys, Wynand Meiring, Nathan Anderson, Matthew Smith, Vasudev Stringer, Cameron Tilley, Ryan Boyes (Manager) 8
2014 Morizane Boyes, Yolandi Williams, Ion Todd, Jason Bredberg, Dylan Henderson, Saleem Manjoo, Timothy van Reenen Mostert, Barry West, Nathan Anderson, Ryan Boyes (Manager) 10
2013 Lyrene Kühn, Yolandi Williams, Conradie van Heerden, Myburg Brink, Willem Strȍfeldt, Kyle Rhoodie, Marco Botha 7
2012 Lyrene Kühn, Gabriella Isaacs, Robert Botha, Vittorio Puissa 4
2011 Robert Botha, Ian Pillay 2
2010 Matthew Putter, Rolando de Alveira, Abu Bakar Ebrahiem, Magiel de Lange 4
2009 Ruben de Freittas, Xola Magwana 2

The results of the SA eSports Team, when considered against South Africa's poor infrastructure is thus almost miraculous, being: 
2016Jakarta –  Indonesia14th
2015Seoul –  South Korea12th
2014Baku –  Azerbaijan13th
2013Bucharest –  Romania10th
2012Cheonan –  South Korea18th
2011Andong –  South Korea13th

Thus the MSSA is  in full gear getting ready for IeSF's 2017 IeSF World Championships.

Players who miss North West, do so at their own peril as North West Championships presents an unique opportunity to qualify for the coveted National Team Trials.

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