Tuesday 7 March 2017

MSSA is just a vehicle.

Standing the test of time.
Value can be defined as what a person according to his/her own judgement is important in life.

Thus some may hanker after a truly classic car, and others may prefer the more up-to-date models.

The unifying factor is of course, the ability of the vehicle to retain financial value, usefulness, and dependability.

MSSA can be judged on the same standards.

Due to the fact that MSSA is run  and administrated by a passionate group of volunteers, there is the opinion that the value of MSSA runs into several millions.

The view that MSSA is worth several millions is based on:
  • What would be paid to administrators if they were not volunteers, and
  • If MSSA did not self-source medals, sponsorships, equipment, and
  • Costs of transporting goods around the country, if not done by volunteers, and
  • Coverage received via the  media due to its non-profit status, and
  • Coverage generated on this very site.
More importantly, MSSA exists in order to advance the games and Registered Players that it represents.

MSSA does that  well having sent  teams overseas every year since 1991 for various disciplines and games.

If you are not affiliated to a member club, you really need to ask yourself why you are not so affiliated. 

The advantages are obvious!

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