Monday 6 March 2017

Connor Chaplin heads MSSA's school rankings for Tekken.

Connor Chaplin of Northcliff High School.
The rankings produced by Mind Sports South Africa takes into account all games played at official MSSA events.

Such rankings  are  then used in all MSSA championships in order to ensure the validity of the draw.

The rankings are a clear indication of the strength of the players as well as of the depth of the field.

According to the rankings, as printed below, the  main tussle is between Northcliff High School and HTS Witbank.

Although, Connor Chaplin (Northcliff High School) has a comfortable lead over all of the other competitors, special mention should be made of Ms. Sune van der Merwe, and Ms. Nadine Swart (both of HTS Witbank), who are successfully challenging all the boys.

With the majority of the 2017 season still to be played, it will be interesting to see how the year develops.

The seedings for School Championships, as at 26 February 2017, are  as follows:

PosName of PlayeryearClubPoints
1Connor Chaplin17Northcliff High School171.5
2Austin Lee17Northcliff High School143.4
3Itumleng Moyo17Northcliff High School138.3
4Sune van der Merwe17HTS Witbank137.8
5Nadine Swart17HTS Witbank135.3
6Justin Brown16Northcliff High School117.8
7Sean Menlo16Northcliff High School117.8
8Dylan Cook16HTS Witbank117.8
9Filipe Batista16HTS Witbank117.8
10Martin Van Niekerk16HTS Witbank117.8
11Andre van Vollenstee16HTS Witbank117.8
12Ruben van der Merwe17HTS Witbank117.7
13James Griffiths17HTS Witbank113.5
14Ian Erasmus17HTS Witbank110
15Dewalt Oosthuizen16HTS Witbank107.9
16Herman Pretorius 15HTS Witbank106.5
17Eben Coetzer15HTS Witbank106.5
18Filipe Batista 15HTS Witbank106.5
19Celeste Naude 15HTS Witbank106.5
20Thapelo Phahlamohlaka15HTS Witbank106.5
21Dewald Gerber16HTS Witbank106.3
22Lwazi Mabasa17HTS Witbank104.5
23Ian Erasmus16HTS Witbank104.5
24Johnnie van der Spuy 15HTS Witbank104.5
25Blade Burley17HTS Witbank104
26Phelang Matibula17HTS Witbank99.3
27Korben Roos16HTS Witbank99.3
28Bongwe Mpugwa16St Conrad's95
29Celine Stapelberg 15HTS Witbank95
30Rudolph Hatting16HTS Witbank90.3
31Keano Hamilton17HTS Witbank85.8

Other rankings published by MSSA are:

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